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Work at high heights - Fall protection

Falling accidents are one of the most common types of workplace accidents, and especially in the construction industry there are major gaps in knowledge about safety, safety equipment and risk assessment when working at height. Did you know that among the most common causes of fatal accidents in the construction industry are falls to a lower level? Or that insufficient training can mean penalty fees at the Work Environment Agency? At AD Maskin, you get the knowledge you need exactly when you need it.

What is included in the training?

The training requires no prior knowledge and does not include any internship. All participants read the knowledge themselves online, completely at their own pace and when it suits them best. The goal is to provide a practical and useful understanding of the rules and regulations that apply when working at high altitudes. The training covers what equipment is required, how it should be handled and what different types of work at high altitude require for different types of equipment. You will learn about preparation, risk assessment, anchoring, securing and how you can use the regulations practically. When you have passed the training test, you immediately receive a first certificate of approved course via e-mail. Your educational certificate will be sent to you by post.

Who needs to take an online fall protection course?

This course is aimed at you who need to use fall protection equipment in your work, and who carry out work on roofs, high heights where there is a risk of falling or if you have fall protection equipment in a mobile elevated work platform, i.e. MEWP. Even as a supervisor, you should have knowledge of fall protection.

What does the law say about fall protection?

​​​​​​​As of January 2015, professional work at heights without a certificate of competence in fall protection means penalty fees for employers. The rules apply from a height of two metres. This means, for example, that professional work with snow removal, roofing, installation of solar cells or other assignments where work must be carried out at a height of more than two meters requires competence in fall protection. As a private person, you are not required to have knowledge in fall protection, but with a simple online training you have knowledge that can save lives.

When is fall protection training required?

​​​​​​​The principle is that all professional and professional work at heights greater than two meters must be done by professionals who have training in fall protection. It also means that personal safety equipment or that guard rails and other fall protection must be used.
Today, many people believe that any type of rope or harness can serve as adequate personal protection. But even at low heights, major injuries and serious accidents can become a reality if a person becomes dangling after a fall.

Do you know what can happen if a person is left hanging after a fall? If a person becomes suspended in a harness, the blood supply in the veins can be stopped, thereby risking that the heart and brain receive too little oxygen. It is a trap that involves severe injuries and a high risk of death.

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