Online training in safe lifting​​​​​​​

  • Directly after completing the order, you get access to the training
  • The course is 100% online and you complete it when it suits you best
  • After an approved result, a digital certificate is issued immediately

Course description

The Swedish Work Environment Agency requires the persons involved in a lifting operation to have the right training/competence, everything from a signalman to a rigger needs the right competence and this course provides just that.

How it works

  • Immediately after ordering, you get access to the course and can start immediately
  • The theory is 100% online-based and you complete it exactly when it suits you
  • After an approved result, you will receive the digital certificate immediately and your plastic card will be sent to your mailbox within 2 working days.
  • The theory part is estimated at around 2-4 hours.

What you will learn

  • Laws, Regulations and Regulations
  • The different responsibilities and obligations of the employer and the employee
  • Risks
  • What is a lifting device?
  • Inspection of lifting devices and lifting equipment
  • The signalman's working method
  • Planning the lift
  • Rigging and diagram

Who is the course suitable for?

Everyone who participates in a lifting operation such as, signalman, rigger, lift supervisor, site manager, etc. You are not allowed to operate the crane itself with this training. Then you need the "Crane/Travers" course. (only availeble in Swedish)

What prerequisites do you need?

No previous knowledge required

"Kanonbra kurser - anmäl er!"

- Joachim, tidigare kursdeltagare

Online training in safe lifting

Did you know that 80 percent of accidents with lifting devices are due to improper handling of loads or tools?
Make sure you have knowledge and reduce the risk of accidents. AD Maskin offers online training for those who do not operate a crane, but who often work with rigging, lift operations and signaling when it comes to crane work. Easily and simply you get knowledge that improves the work environment!

How does an online training in safe lifting work?

How does an online training in safe lifting work?
You get a complete online training that explains and provides understanding of regulations and rules based on reality. You take the training when it suits you, and it ends with a test. As soon as you have finished the test, you will receive a result and, if the result is passed, a first certificate via your email. Your education certificate (card) will be sent by post.

What is a safe lift and what does the law say?

A safe lift is a lift where the load is safely connected and where the lift itself can be carried out as safely as possible for both the personnel performing the lift and the material to be moved. Many factors affect safe lifting, a couple of examples are lifting device, loading, distribution of weight and communication. In AD Maskin's online training for safe lifting, you get all the angles you need to be able to work according to the regulations and rules that apply.

The Swedish Work Environment Agency has drawn up a number of rules that must be followed when it comes to safe lifting. In Use of lifting devices and lifting equipment (AFS 2006:6) it is established, among other things, what concerns various checks that should be carried out before the lift is to be carried out. Among other things, it involves having an overview of the ground and weather, choosing lifting equipment and how different lifting equipment should be used. The regulations also state that anyone who works with lifting devices must have up-to-date training and training that provides the right knowledge. Documentation of training is also required. The employer must also have given written permission - a driving license - that you can and may use lifting devices.

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